Do Your Nails Indicate Your Personality Type? Here Are Seven Shape Examples That May Do So

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You know your nails say a lot about your personality. Personality is the important trait to recognize the people’s character.  It’s been a part of our life process from casual relationships to intense affections.

Personality development is affected by various individual factors such as values, attitudes, personal memories, social relationships, habits, and skills. Now, you can know your personality as per your nails shape and size.  The way your nails look indicates your humanity, your eccentricities etc… Check out which personality character your nails denote:

Oval Nails

A person having oval shaped nails indicates that the person is sporty and fun loving.


The Sq-oval

Having Sq-oval shaped nails simply means that you are such type of individual who loves to commands a room in their presence.

The Standard Square

The standard square shaped nail indicates that you are a homebody who many find to be cute and cuddly.


Ballerina Nails


Having Ballerina shaped nails indicates that you are the girliest of girls and a pure example of femininity through and through.

Stilettos Nails

Those who are having Stilettos type nails are considered to be the sexy and serious personality both in the bedroom and in the boardroom.


Rounded Tips

Having rounded tips nails indicates a goody-two-shoe, the standard girl-next-door type.

Almond Nails

Those who are having Almond shaped nails are very creative and fierce artistic type personality.