9 Makeup Tips Nobody Told You About

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Makeup is everything to a beautiful woman as it creates an instant magic in enhancing your beauty features but the problem is that it doesn’t stay longer as it runs out quickly but don’t worry in this article we share some amazing makeup tricks which will help you to keep your makeup lasting and easy to apply with the use of some simple and common objects which can easily find at home.

1. Repurposed Plastic Spoon

Using plastic spoon in order to apply mascara to your bottom lashes can make your task lot easier and also gives you a perfect mascara look.


2. Scotch Tape Eye Stencil

For an even look for both your eyes, you can simply use a piece of scotch tape

3. How to Fix Clumped Mascara

In order to apply your mascara easily and to make it less clumped, you can add few eye drops to your mascara.


4. Make Eyes Appear Bigger

You can choose white eyeliner instead of using black as white eyeliner makes your eyes appear bigger and open.

5. Lash Curling Secret

Pinch at the base your lashes with the help of lash curler and then lift the curler up carefully.


6. Make It Last

After applying lipstick place a tissue over your lips and then by using brush apply some powder over the tissue in order to create a matte look that lasts longer.


7. Blemish Secret

Take your eyeliner brush and rub it over the concealer tube for more precise control in order to cover your blemishes.


8. Wash and Save Your Wands

You can re-purpose your wands by washing it instead of throwing it after your mascara expires.


9. Heat Your Lash Curler

Heat your eyelash with a blow dryer for 5-7 seconds in order to keep your lashes nicely curled throughout the day.

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