20 Looks With Eyeliner That Are Worth Trying

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Eyeliner is a truly magical instrument. It’s so amazing to notice the big change in a person’s look before and after the application of eyeliner. Just on the brush and you’re already a new face. It intensifies our eyes and it’s a very convenient way to magnify your good looks. However, this can be much more appreciable, when you know all the looks and then choose from them.

Here are some looks that you’ll love to try.

1. The classic cat eye look with red lipstick

It’s anything but not ordinary. Added up with red lipstick, this look gives you a major boost.

2. Winged eyeliner with ultra bold brow

Can you think of anything more classy?

3. The dramatic white eyeliner

4. Coral lips for a perfect date

5. A thin line for the pastel eye look

6. Get sultry- grunge vibes from this smudged eyeliner

7. Go for glitter liner for a more traditional look

8. The way black eyeliner compliments every lip colour is appreciable

9. Straighting out the liner for a sleeker look is all for women’s not opting for a winged liner

10. The graphic liner design is worth a catch

11. Eyeliner substituting the mascara at times , looks unique

12. Liner as a wearable sharpie is a dramatic look to try

13. When you have both black and gold in your double liner, you can’t look away

14. The way triangular liner is being cool is worth giving a try.

15. A little bright yellow liner can add a lot of color

16. This graphic liner is something to envy

17. What about smudging the lower lash line and feathering the outer corners

18. Blue adds depth to your eyes when applied around the black eyeliner

19. Willing for bigger eyes? Just apply white eye pencil along the lower waterlines.

20. Well, if everything fails, there are 40 other ways left.

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