Did You Know What Your Sleeping Position Says About You?

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Our unconscious mind reveals a lot more than our conscious one. The way we sleep is one such parameter over which one can know a lot about what is going on in the person’s mind. We have no control over our unconscious part of mind, so this is ths most vulnerable part that can actually expose a lot a about us.

So, interested to discover something new about yourself? Then keep reading.

1. Foetal position

You can find a majority of people sleeping this way. Now, you’re guessing what it means. This reveals the insecurities of an individual and represents the loneliness one is facing in his/her life. It describes an intense desire of having someone special in their life.

2. Log position

If you find someone sleeping this way, then you need to know that these people are very sociable and trustworthy. They have a stable, reliable and analytical attitude. In this posture , the arms and legs are a bit more stretched.

3. Starfish position

This sleeping position indicates a person’s good listening ability and helpful nature. The pose looks something like this.

4. The stargazer
These people possess great imaginative power and are the owner of creativity. They are good debaters and also great communicators ,so they can have a healthy interactive session on any topic.

5. Side position

These are amusing and humourous people, willing to protect their loved ones at any cost. This perfect cuddling position is also seen to be accepted by a major part of population.

6. Stomach sleepers
They are also well known as free-fallers. These type of people exemplify boldness, anxiousness and the one who wish to take in-charge of something. They are goal-oriented and focused in their life and are always ready to face the criticism.

7. The thinker

When you see someone sleeping this way, you should know that you’re observing a born perfectionist, with ideal thoughts. They always aim for big goals and work extremely hard to achieve them.

8. The pillow hugger

These are the protective type of people. They can go to any extent to protect their loved ones . They’re also outgoing and trustworthy.

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