Have A Good Night Sleep With These 12 Steps

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Sleeping time is the time when our body retreats itself from the daily tiring routine. When we sleep, our body functions in the best way possible, to prepare us for facing the usual challenges the very next day. So, it’s a very crucial time and you won’t want people to wake you up, or in any circumstances you won’t tolerate your sleep being disrupted. But, there are times, when we just can’t sleep, or we wake up every moment or the other , even without visible disturbances.

Because maybe, something is disturbing you from within. Maybe, you’re not sleeping in the best way. If you want a good night sleep to be really good, then you’ve to simply follow these 12 steps, and these are literally easy to do.

Not being able to sleep, i.e insomnia , can cause a variety of disease, and to your suprise, insomnia is itself a disease that’s difficult to cure but not impossible. Here , we show you how to help yourself.

1. Room temperature

The temperature of your room has a big influence on your sleep. It is suggested that the room temperature should be between 60-67 F. More or less temperature than this leads to restlessness and can also affect Rapid Eye Movement when the brain is highly active.

2. No exercise before bed

You don’t need to sweat to have a good sleep. Instead , exercising causes an increase in blood circulation and hormonal levels. The adrenaline rush in our body makes us unable to sleep.

3. Stick to the schedule

Fix a time when you’re going to sleep. This will give you a better sleeping experience than ever. The reason is that our body’s biological clock sets itself in accordance to our daily routine.

4. Lights out

One should always sleep with lights off. Maybe people afraid of darkness will find it uncomfortable, but it really helps to get you fast asleep. You can try keeping a low voltage bulb and use sleeping masks.

5. Prefer absolute silence

While sleeping , you won’t be wanting the noise from somewhere else to disturb you. So , try to get rid of them and prefer absolute silence. It’ll help you to prevent headaches and from getting irritable the next day.

6. Use your bed only

It’s usually said that changing your regular place for sleeping disrupts your sleep. So , it’s always better to sleep at your place to prevent such discomfort.

7. Say no to coffee before bed

Before you’re about to head towards your bed, don’t think of drinking coffee as they are stimulants ant will energise you , resulting in lack of sleep.

8. Sleep when you want to

When you don’t feel like sleeping, don’t pressurise yourself. Instead, opt for reading a good book. Don’t go for e books as they’ll harm your eyes. But, for sure , develop a reading habit.

9. Drinking alcohol 2 hours before sleep

This might help you as alcohol makes you sleep faster because you lose control of yourself. But, there’s a point, that you may wake up with a feeling of being tired.

10. Think of good things

This is a positive approach to a good night sleep. When you fall asleep while thinking of all the good things, you feel much good while you’re asleep. Also, it makes your sleep quality better. You wake up with a happy and energetic head.

11. Bedtime rituals

These includes ways in which you relax or soothe your body. It promotes good sleep. And because you sleep in a relaxed state, you’ll wake up with a smile on your face. Consider taking a walk or a shower before bed.

12. Sleeping positions

Sleeping positions either promotes your sleep or disrupts it. Depends on the way you’re sleeping. You’re suggested to sleep with not so many pillows , only one or two. The pillows need to be neither too soft nor too hard.

After following these steps, you’ll surely sleep peacefully and will wake up with a pretty smile , ready to face the challenges every day. Also, this will enhance your beauty and will you’ll look much fresh.

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