The Ultimate Differences Between Love And Lust

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It’s very hard to differentiate between love and lust . The thing is that both of them makes you feel good, Love lasts forever whereas lust is momentarily . We all have an ideology of love that consists of good behaviour and a special feel, but that’s not it. Their is much more to that. Love isn’t about good words and gifts. It’s an indescribable feeling of joy and people falling in lust instead of love usually experience this feeling and think that it is love. So, if it is so much confusing, how can one differentiate between love and lust. Well, no need to worry , we got you some of the signs of love Vs lust. Read them below and find out in what kinda relationship you’re.

1. The Prior Choice

Intimacy is a necessary thing in a relationship . However if a person prefers your body over your soul every time, it’s just lust and lust and lust.

2. The Real Care

Come on , gifts can say a lot about a guy’s intentions. If he is in love with you , he will choose to comfort you rather than to Impress you.

3. The Difference In Efforts

Well you know it’s love when your boyfriend not only helps you with easy tasks but also through all odds. Lust is just show off.

4. Thoughts Do Matter

When your man isn’t around you, If he thinks about how much he enjoys your company, then congratulations, you’re in love with a guy that loves you. However , if he just thinks of making out all the time , he is just a lusty man.

5. Love Is Reasonless

Lust needs reasons to be with a person, while love is reasonless. Even you don’t know why you love them .

6. Love Is Love Even When Their Is Nothing

Lust needs reasons to appreciate, while love doesn’t. A person in love with you will appreciate you even at your worst.

Hope you found this article helpful . Have a good life.


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