Tips To Make Your Nails Grow Faster!

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It is no overstatement that ladies love their nails. And we love doing nail arts which add beauty to our hand. Somehow we associate pretty nail arts with longer nails. It is true that doing nail art on longer nails looks much prettier. Our nails grow at their natural speed, no doubt. But we can increase the speed by some measures using the following techniques. This will help your nails increase in length in no time and get you healthy nails ready to be styled!

  1. One of the major problems many of us cry about is that our nails break off too easily preventing it from attaining the desirable amount of length. Well, this is the outcome of our doings to some extent. The way many of you might use it as a tool for scraping tags off, or opening lids etc. can make them weak and easily breakable. Therefore, next time fight the urge of using them as a tool and use an actual instrument in its place.
  2. Never let your nails stay bare for long time, this will increase chances of them getting peeled or scraped off. Always use a base coat. Even if you are not a fan of nail polishes on shorter nails, use a transparent coat and occasionally remove and re-apply it!

3. Make a habit of moisturizing your nails every now and then, dry nails are more prone to weakening. You can use a cream or cuticle oil or any moisturizer for that matter. Nail beds can also be kept healthy using Vitamin E oil. This makes your nails hydrated and makes sure they do not chap off!

4. Nutrition is very important from the inside also. Doctors usually recommend a nutrition supplement called biotin which helps to maintain hair and nails. Using it with doctor’s prescription in prior is advised.

5. Regularly trimming, cutting, shaping and filing them will make them grow faster and healthier. Maintaining your nails by having regular and simple manicure sessions at home can be of great help.Try some DIY manicures out!

6. Your nails can easily be damaged, so you have to take proper care of them. While you deal with harsh chemicals and detergents, make sure you wear gloves. Prolonged water usages can make nail bed absorb water and hence weaken it. This damages cuticles.

7. Keeping yourself hydrated and having a proper diet can help your nails grow faster and stronger! Eat food rich in protein, this includes dal,egg,fish,milk and nuts.This will not only make your nails strong, but also your hair!

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