12 Everyday Things You Never Knew Even Had A Purpose

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There are few features of the things we use regularly but we never noticed them and think that they are of no use. From the ballpoint pen caps to the wings of the apple adapter everything has a purpose to fulfill. But these things are so normal that either we ignore them or don’t even notice. Here are some of those things you’d never know was this important.

1. What’s that mysterious blue side of an eraser

What's that mysterious blue side of an eraser for?

This was a great suspense or say was a mystery for children of middle school that what was the blue part of eraser meant for?  In real the blue part of the eraser was for the heavyweights of paper whereas the pink part was for the light grades of paper which would tear apart.


2. And the little disc under the lid of a plastic bottle

The thin circular disc under the cap of the plastic bottle serves many functions like keep the moisture away from disrupting the material kept in the bottle and helps in keeping the bottle sealed. For instance, in soda bottle, this thin disc is a pressure seal and acts as a thin membrane which is a barrier in gas escaping and keep the material in the bottle fresh.

3. Why do some caps have a little spike in them

We all know that if we buy something usually it comes with a seal over it and we have to remove it first for further use. In some materials, the spike acts as a seal broker. For instance, eye drop caps always have spike in them do that the seal could remove easily with the help of the cap.

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