This Video of a Vlogger Waxing Her Nose Hair Will Literally Make You Scream

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We all know that women hate the hair present on specific parts of the body like upper lips , armpits and extra hair on  eyebrows and want to get rid of unwanted body  hair . To remove unwanted hair they use  beauty methods like waxing and shaving. Women generally prefer waxing over shaving because waxing lasts longer. You know that ripping out those hair hurts more than anything . Removing hair from upper lips and eyebrows can be manageable but removing hair from  sensitive areas like nose can make you scream.



In this you tube video a vlogger who is also a makeup artist went for waxing of nose hair.   Nose waxing consists of a thin wood stick with wax . This wax stick is then placed in the nostrils but it is placed in this manner that it covers only the outer area . One should be aware that it should not go all the way in. Nose waxing removes a few hair from the outer area of the nose because nostrils hair serve many functions like preventing dust from getting in .  Individual should be careful while go through nose waxing as you can  get burned which will cause extreme pain and can probably last long as a scar. So there are few easier option for removing nostril hair like trimming them a little bit. Dermatologists are mostly not in favour of nose waxing because as mentioned above nostril hair play essential role in our body functionality and also nose waxing could harm our sensitive skin present in our nose. No one should be ashamed of them because they  also have a role in keeping us healthy.

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