7 Beauty myths you should totally give up on!

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We spend a lot of time trying to find out how effectively we can beautify ourselves by surfing deep into the internet, through magazines etc. We tend to keep forming conceptions regarding them and guess what, some of them can be complete felony! Keeping the fact into light that beauty tips are hard to neglect, here we are bursting the bubbles regarding some of the very common ‘facts’ and myths that are nothing but a misconception.


MYTH #1 Pump up your Mascara to make it last longer

Pumping up your mascara, which you thought would get the most out, would actually lead to drying up and making it uneven and unstable. There, you have it. To get the most out of mascara, here is a more reasonable trick. Add few drops of saline solution to the tube and role it between your hands, it will last longer without drying out.


MYTH #2 shattered powders are of no use!

You have to get things straight, one does not simply throw away shattered powder and get rid of it. Here is an unbelievably easy fix for shattered powder. All you have to do is crush the powder until it becomes even, add alohol and smooth the fine powder. Once it is dry, it would feel as a new powder case. Voila!


MYTH #3 Makeup is bad for your skin

Make up is not harmful to your skin unless you use natural and non-comedogenic makeup. Makeup itself would never have any adverse effect on your skin, your usage of it sure will. If you use a regulated amount of make up on your skin and clear it out from your face, you are good to go. All you have to do is take good care. Make sure you wash the makeup off before going to bed before letting it harm your skin.


MYTH #4 Switch up your shampoo to keep it effective.


Some of us are of the habit of changing our shampoo every once in a while. Well, that would work well for a toothbrush but definitely not a shampoo. They are of the belief that shampoo stops working effectively after a while, which is a trap. No fact in science says so. The ingredients you use in shampoo are just the same and they would continue doing there work. We may feel if the shampoo we use does no good to your hair, it actually must mean you have chosen the wrong shampoo and this is a cue to get the right one.


MYTH #5 Match your brows to your hair

Well, natural beauty is never to be questioned. Matching your eyebrows with your hair is unreasonable and simply a hoax. Well, sometimes it might depend , like if you have dyed your hair blonde then using black shade would not be a go-go. But remember, exact matches are overrated.


MYTH #6 Don’t hydrate oily skin

It might seem the best option to keep your skin dry when it is oil prone. But keeping it away from water and preventing its use on your face is definitely not a solution. Drying out an oily skin is the worst option in book, actually its not even an option. Keeping your skin deprived of natural oils is a no-go. It may be effective temporarily but in the long run, it is just not what you should be doing. Infact this would make your skin produce more oil to compensate for the oil you stripped away! Instead, keep your face moisturized would keep it happy!

MYTH #7 Cutting your skin for faster growth.

The number of times you go for a haircut does not bear for faster hair growth. If you would research right you would know that hair does not grow from the roots, it grows from the roots. Eating healthy leafy vegetables and taking good care would be doing the job but not this. Also, minimal use of heat and chemicals would make your hair healthy and fit!


We have all fallen prey to many of the myths, some of them are above mentioned. Myths might seem extremely convincing but once you think deep you will realize it has a lot of superficiality and illusion in it. Well, may you live outside the bubble always!

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