5 Eyebrow Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

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Every woman love fuller, thick and perfectly shaped eyebrows as eyebrows are the most prominent feature of an individual face and plays vital role in giving all new definition to our face. While giving that attractive shape to the eyebrows women tend to mess up with the eyebrows and encounter following mistakes:

 Over-Widening the Eyebrow Gap

Sometimes women tend to pluck the hair present at the very start of the eyebrows which is a very unnecessary thing, when you are going for the plucking try not to pluck the hair present at the inner corner as a result it widens the gap between the both eyebrows which look pretty unnatural. For better finish of the eyebrows set a point using a slim makeup brush and never go further this point.


Matching Your Eyebrows Color to Your Hair Color

If you are coloring your hair that does not mean that you have to color your eyebrows of the same shade. If you have black hair then it is necessary to color your eyebrows black otherwise if you are dyeing your hair of any other shade then keep your eyebrows brown as it will go with any color of the hair.

Ignoring the Natural Arch

Women in love of high arch ignore their natural arch and go for artificial high arched eyebrows which look a little bit dramatic as only your natural eyebrows enhance your looks and choose the shade which look more natural.


Sparsely Haired Brows

Everyone is not borned with fuller and thicker eyebrow some have less hair in eyebrows and those women are advised not to leave for anywhere without using eyebrow pencil. Use an eyebrow pencil to fill the gaps and for more natural look choose the same shade as of the eyebrows and go along with natural arch try not to overdo it.

Over Tweezing the Top Edge

We have seen all the professional makeup artist that they never tweeze the hair above your eyebrows, for removing the hair above eyebrows they choose threading as tweezing that portion can result in disruption in the natural arch.

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