10 Benefits And Uses Of Potatoes For Your Skin And Health

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Potatoes are considered to be one of the most vital vegetable in our kitchen. We all know that Potatoes are the rich source of carbohydrates but do you know it has wide range of skin and health benefits. In this article we bring some essential uses of potatoes that would be very helpful for you.

Removing dark circles and eye puffiness:

Potatoes are regular eye brighteners that can enable your eyes to get brighter and shinier inside minutes. Simply peel and cut a crude potato and place the cuts in a cloth and on your eyes for 15-20 minutes. You can likewise apply potato squeeze under your eyes with a cotton ball to blur away dark circles.

Treatment of wrinkles:

Potatoes keeps wrinkles away, so utilize its juice with certainty and see the skin recapture its sparkle.

Treat dark spots:

Mix potato in a blender and apply it all over, give a tender back rub and afterward do a peeling for 5 minutes, wash off and say Bye to your dull spot.


Removes facial blemishes:

Cold potato juice is very much beneficial in eliminating the facial blemishes

Treat sunburns:

Potatoes helps to treat the sun burnt skin, all you need to apply potato slices over the affected areas.

Skin lightening:

Apply a mask of ground crude potato all over and wash off 30 minutes after the fact. Done all the time it will make your skin lighter.

Cure dry skin:

Mesh potato and apply it on your dry spots for a couple of minutes. Done consistently the juice will help smooth and recharge dampness into the skin.


Lifting of dead skin cells:

Potatoes are very helpful in eliminating dead skin cells from facial skin and gives you glowing and radiant skin

Natural cleanser:

Potato is a great natural cleanser, all you need to blend half cucumber and one potato together and then add a teaspoon of baking soda and little water and clean your face with it.

Natural treatment of rashes, itches and insect bites: Potato works great on healing rashes, itches and insect bites. All you need to do is to cut a slice a potato and put it over the affected area and leave it for few minutes. Repeat the procedure few times a day until it gets completely over.

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