How To Curl Your Hair With Bubble Wrap!

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It is obvious that every woman who have extremely straight hair wants curly hair but without causing any harm to the health of the hair. Using heating iron curler successfully curl up our hair but do extreme harm to our hair which result in damaged hair follicles, dry hair, frizzy hair and thinning of hair. There is a solution of this problem which is pretty inexpensive and does no harm to our hair, we all have heard about bubble wraps and very fond of the pop sound that could make anybody smile but most of us are unaware of the other purposes of it. Bubble wraps can be used to make your hair curly and bouncy and method is described in following steps.



  • Before the wrapping up process make sure that you have used conditioner or styling cream for better results and to hold the style for a longer period of time.
  • Take a bigger size of bubble wrap and then cut out pretty much wider piece of it and roll it up in this way that it could be 1 or 2 inches thicker in diameter. Prepare more of them.
  • Now distribute your hair in few sections and then roll up these sections using bubble wraps and make sure that the roll should be pretty tight and take it to the scalp too.
  • Then bring the both end of each and every bubble wrap together and secure it using strong elastic bands.
  • Make sure that you have done the same with all the sections properly and cautiously.
  • Let the bubble wrapped hair stay overnight.
  • And open them the next morning and there you are with natural curls without any heat.

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