5 Eye Makeup Mistakes You Should Avoid To Look Young

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Eyes are the best part of the human body. Apart from providing you vision , it makes you look unique. That is the reason why one should avoid mistakes related to it. A women deserves to look beautiful in all stages of her life. So, if you want to look amazing at latter stage of your life, you must keep reading. Here are 5 common mistakes related to eye makeup that women should avoid in the latter stage of their life.

1. Lack of hydration

Hydrating the skin around your eyes is an essential job if you want your eyes to look flattering. You can apply serums, eye creams or rejuvenating primers to prevent the old look.

2. Use of powder eyeshadow

Using powder eyeshadow is not the best option for aging skin. The powder can settle down in the creases highlighting them. It gives a flat look. Rather , one should opt for a cream eyeshadow. It provides you a softer and modern finish.

3. Mattifying the skin around eyes

The skin around eyes is very thin and mattifying it will be the last thing you would like to do. It will end up making it look older and nothing else. So, even if you’ve excess of oil around your eyes, opt for using primers or a thin translucent powder.

4. Wearing droopy eyeliner

Graphic eyeliner has a sharp finishing effect and that’s all we need , but the problem is that it doesn’t work if the skin has softened. You can rather opt for a smudged kohl pencil.

5. Not wearing mascara

Not wearing mascara isn’t helping your eyes. It ends up shrinking your eyes even more. The best option for you is to open up your eyes using it.

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