DIY Ideas To Do Manicure At Home without any hurdle

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We all would love to have that beautiful set of hands with perfectly done nails. And why not, we love to show it off. But what keeps us from getting them is the cost you need to pay in the parlours each week. Well, most of us would not be willing to do that. But that doesn’t mean you cannot manicure your hands. We bring you some easy to do DIY manicure ideas and tips that’ll cost you nothing. And for those who do not want to go out in the parlor, it’s the easiest way as you can do it in your home itself.

If you’re worrying about the time you need to give it. Relax, as it is going to take only 10 minutes.

What you need ?

The essential things that you need to have to do manicure at home are pretty simple to own.

1. Warm water

2. Extra virgin olive oil

3. Body or face scrub

4. Cotton and nail paint remover

5. Nail cutter and filer

6. Towel

7. Pusher and critical trimmer

8. Moisturizer

Why use olive oil?

1. It has great hydration abilities with anti-ageing properties. The oil is highly versatile and is affordable as compared to others.

2. The oil can heal dry hands or chapped skin. It fulfills your dream of soft hands.

3. It helps in treating weak nails and softens up the cuticles. It makes them stay moist causing them to give out a brilliant natural shine.

The Procedure

It is the most important part, obviously. You need to know the steps before doing anything.

1. Get rid of the nailpolish

Using a cotton ball and some nailpolish remover, clean up your nails and get rid of the remaining earlier applied nailpolish.

2. Trim and file

Trim off the extra length of your nails as per your choice and then use a filer to shape them up.

3. Apply olive oil

Now apply some olive oil on each nail and hands. Massage it well for roughly about 2 minutes. Now massage on each nail individually, especially on cuticle region. To press the cuticles, use a trimmer.

4. Scrub, rinse and dry

Apply a small amount of scrub on your palm and a few drops of water to massage your fingers, nails and hands for about 3 minutes. After you do this, soak your hand in luke warm water and scrub off the oil. Now use a towel to dry your hands.

5. Moisturize

Apply some moisturizer on your hand and let it get absorbed for sometime before proceeding.

6. Apply nailpolish

Now you’re all ready to apply nailpolish of your favourite color. Be gentle , one layer at a time. Do not mess it up.

Now you’re ready to flaunt your hands infront of the world. Doing it twice a week will help you get rid of all the dead cells accumulated. It makes it look shiny and supple to look at.


1. Put on gloves while dealing with harsh soaps and detergents.

2. Carry a moisturizer everywhere you go. Use it to keep hands soft.

3. Use a chopping board to cut vegetables instead of doing it with bare hands. It will prevent drying up of hands and also protect you from getting cuts.

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