Do You Know These Important Things About Your Private Parts?

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Attention ladies! You all have been taking care of your private parts very well, and you would surely not do anything that will cause any harm to it. But , what if you weren’t aware of things that are doing them harm. You must know every detail so that you can be able to maintain your personal hygiene in a way that doesn’t harm you instead of providing relief. Here is a list of things that you need to know to maintain a healthy and infection free vagina.

1. Using home remedies

In this age of cosmetics, we all want to go natural. But sometimes , instead of getting benefited, you may just harm yourself. As the private parts are very delicate, you’re suggested to see a doctor rather than doing some home remedy.

2. Wearing skinny jeans regularly

Wearing too tight skinny jeans all the time is not really good for your private parts. Due to constant pressure and warmth , yeast and fungal infections might develop. Prefer wearing cotton pants instead. But , that doesn’t means you need to skip wearing skinny jeans , just don’t wear them all the time.

3. Using scented products

If you’re willing to have a much more sweet smelling vagina , and therefore are going to buy a scented product, then it is not a good option. Scented products aren’t good for vaginal health. They will alter the pH and you’ll end up with any infection. Also, you can have a more unpleasant effect, like a pungent odour from your vagina.

4. Scratching it

Most women’s just can’t resist scratching it up when it gets a little itchy down there. But , it’s quite normal and you should try to avoid it. However, when it’s getting serious, you must not ignore it and go see a doctor. However, never end up scratching it.

5. V – piercing

You should definitely sit and think twice , before you do this. Considering the pros and cons, this has more loss than profit.

6. Decorating it with dyes and gems

Well, there’s seriously no explanation to why people try this. Beautifying down there with chemical stuff can be utterly harmful. It disturbs the vaginal pH and you may end up with an infection. Also, you can develop rashes and itchy skin.

7. Douching

Cleaning up your vagina may sometimes clean up all the microbes that are even necessary to maintain a good vaginal health. Vagina doesn’t needs special cleaning or too much washing. Just washing the outer layer with unscented soap will be enough. Do not overdo it, else you’ll be unprotected from the disease causing microbes.

8. Going to a low rated waxing spa

Waxing in itself is painful. What if you go to a low rated parlor? It becomes more painful and also you can have dreadful effects with no one to take care of it. What if they use the same instruments and wax that they used on another woman? Well, that wouldn’t be very hygienic and also there can be exchange of germs. So, before you go to a parlor , make sure you check every detail related to it.

9. Wearing dirty underwear

This will be very pathetic and there will be increased chances of infections. You need to make sure that you change your underwear regularly and wear only washed underwear.

10. Popping pimples

It’s very common for a pimple to pop out anywhere. And it is painful , when it decides to make your vagina it’s home. But don’t panic and scratch it . It’ll intensity the pain and you can get even more pimples.

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