Know If He/ She Is Interested In You By These Signs

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We’ve all faced times of confusion , in which we just can’t decide , whether the person looking at us is interested in us or not. But , there are some signs , that determine this for you. So if you want to know if someone is interested in you or not, just check for these signs.

1. Attitude

Attitude says a lot about people’s interest. Just observe their attitude precisely. If they have a very nice and calm attitude towards you, it may be a green flag.

2. Mild head movements

If they move their heads mildly , then you know what’s going on in their head. Most of us do it unconsciously. It is a big sign of being interested in someone.

3. Smile

If a person frequently and openly smiles infront of you, then it means they’re comfortable around you. They like your company and this is a sure sign of interest.

4. Behaviour

If a person is well behaved with you and treats you well, then its good. However, if the opposite is going on, it means that they’re not interested in you at all.

5. Analysis of attitude

Whether a person values you and all your stuffs or not can say a lot about their feelings about you. If they make you feel wanted, and special , then they’re simply interested in you.

6. The attitude of men and women

Men and women behave differently with people they’re interested in. Women tend to act more fragile whereas men try to be dominating and strong.

7. Location of the thumb

The location of the thumb of a person can say a lot about them being interested in you or not. If a man puts his thumbs in his pocket or waistband , it describes their interest towards you. Whereas when a women keeps her thumb behind the strap of her handbag, it means that she’s interested in you.

8. Closeness

The distance between two people while sitting together says a lot about being interested or not.

9. Eyes

If you have the ability to look into people’s eyes and know their feelings, then just try looking into their eyes because eye speak a lot about people’s interest.

10. Eyebrows

If a person looks at you with relaxed eyebrows , then the person is interested in you.

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