Know Your Personality According To Your Hands

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Hands weren’t just made for you to do work. The creator surely had something in mind while creating them. Your hands reveal a lot about your personality than just being a part of your body. Well, it’s not another palmistry detailing article but something associated with the size of your hand. Your hand is made of 27 bones, 29 joints and 173 ligaments that makes it quite interesting to study. But we aren’t here for studying anatomy, it’s the personality traits that have been found common to people with similar hand sizes.

What’s your hand size?

So first, you need to know if your hands are small or big. Well, it’s quite simple. All you need to do is extend your thumb and middle finger by keeping your thumb at your elbow. Now if the middle finger reaches the wrist, then your hand is small and if not, then large.

1. Small Hands

These people are generally adventurous, impulsive and extrovert in nature. Due to this, they often create problems for themselves.

They possess analytical abilities and this helps them in problem solving. They’re very practical in nature.

They have more dramatic personal relationships in comparison to others.

2. Larger hands

They’re in born perfectionists and have good observing capabilities.

They’re very punctual in nature and dedicated towards their work.

They’re impulsive in nature but sometimes may overreact to small criticism.

What is your palm size

1. Square palm

If you’ve this shape of palm then you’re very wise and practical in nature.

It also predicts your interest in mathematics and your skill of solving problems logically.

2. Rectangular palm

These people are very impulsive and listen to their inner self.

The lines in your hand

1. Heart line

If one’s heart line is very clear means that person should involve in stuff that boosts them up.

2. Life line

The longer the life line , the more stamina a person has.

What does size of fingers indicate

1. Long fingers

This indicates curiousity in an individual’s nature.

2. Short fingers

People with short fingers have good leadership skills.

Distance between fingers- The ring and the middle one

It is an indicator of trust issues , whether one is trustable or not.

Bent finger

If the finger is bent on topmost side, it indicates that one is concerned with doing the right thing.

Longer index finger

It indicates that respect is a big motivation for you.

Longer ring finger

It is indicative of the fact that a person loves applause and appreciation.

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