Find Out What Tarot Card Says About Your Zodiac

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We’re all familiar with this word “tarot cards” but only few of us know the significance. It has long been used to play french tarot and italian tarocchini for hundreds of years. But certain tarot cards are associated with each zodiac signs and determine your spirituality. Now, if you know your zodiac sign, you can discover yours too.


1. Aries- The emperor

Three things define you – vibrant , leader and a charmistic person. If the card appears downside up, it’s the right time to set some realistic goals and work on them .

2. Taurus – The heirophant

A great learner and an excellent guide are your traits if you own this card. You will have to work on gaining knowledge and you won’t leave any stone unturned. With time you’ll earn a lot of wisdom which you’ll need to guide others.

3. Gemini- The lovers

For them, the search for the right person is always tough. They always choose one over the other. Make sure , you choose someone that you wish would sustain for a lifetime if you own this card.

4. Cancer- The chariot

They’re someone who focuses on building stability to achieve goals in life. Like a charioteer, they’ll have to travel and choose their path to achieve success meticulously.

5. Leo- Strength

It depicts strength that you’ll gain through the physical, mental and spiritual hardships of your life.

6. Virgo- The hermit

This is a compassionate personality zodiac and are susceptible to the power of the outside world. They need to get some alone time and think of their own. All their answers lie within themselves.

7. Libra- Justice

Libra is known for its fairness in judgement and decision making. They want all perfect but they need to accept that the world is filled with flaws and they have to face the situations at times when things won’t work their way.

8. Scorpio – Death

Don’t be afraid , that doesn’t mean death literally. It means that they’re ready to start new things in life. This zodiac always finds the bestvway to get through their lives. This means they often face transformations as they move forward.

9. Saggitarius- Temperance

They have a lot of expectations in life and they themselves find it difficult to fulfill them. You need to be pragmatic in your journey towards achieving goals. There will be a lot of challenges but you need to persevere.

10. Capricorn- The devil

These are egoistic personalities and loveto boast about themselves. They want to be at the most highest position in society. If you own this zodiac , you need to get rid of such toxic thoughts and prejudices.

11. Aquarius- The star

This tarot card depicts peace and balance. This star reminds you that you’ll always shine above the rest in every aspect.

12. Pisces- The moon

This card potrays the moon that is a sign of calmness. Your idealistic nature and your subconscious makes your life peaceful. Your intuition serves as a guide to you throughout your life.

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