Different types of belly fat and how to get rid of each of them?

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Different types of Belly Fat and how to get rid of each of them?

In today’s world, getting a flat stomach or getting a tummy with no belly fat is what most of the women desire for, all around the globe. It is very necessary to understand the main cause behind the arousal of such belly fats. It is different for different persons. The reason behind the belly fat once known then it can be balanced by specific workouts and exercises. Below are some tips on the various kinds of belly fat which various women around the globe do face and tips on how to get rid of them.

  • Alcohol Belly

Excessive intake of alcohol does increase the body fats and helps in gaining extra calories without any proper nutrition. In order to get rid of such a type of belly, you need to stop the intake of alcohol and start eating fresh vegetables and fruits in order to melt the excess fat which has been stored due to the consumption of alcohol.

  • Mommy Belly

Women usually after their pregnancy period do gain a lot of weight. A lot of calories are being put on at that point in time all around the tummy. In order to get rid of such a belly, you can first consult your gynecologist and ask about your diet and routine which you got to follow and secondly, you can also massage olive oil or any sort of prescribed oil on your tummy.

  • Stressed Out Tummy

Our body gets obese and fat and gains a lot of calories when we are stressed out or when we do not get the proper amount of sleep. In order to get rid of this kind of belly type all you need to do is get direct sleep for straight 7 to 8 hours and maintain a proper diet by not eating any sort of junk foods and also by eating fresh fruits and nuts whenever you are hungry.

  • Hormonal Belly

You should surely consult your gynecologist in case if you are gaining weight all of a sudden, or if you are facing weight problems due to hormones. In such cases, do eat a lot of water and a lot of fruits and vegetables and say a big no to all sorts of junk and fancy foods.

  • Bloated Belly

A bloated belly mainly arises from problems in one’s digestive system. You can get rid of this type of belly by brisk walking for about 40 to 50 minutes per day and by eating healthy vegetables and fruits and by drinking loads of water, by consuming probiotics. Your diet should also include wheat flours and the intake of white flour should be strictly avoided.


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