Discover Which Weight Loss Tricks Do Actually Work And Which Of Them Are All Myths

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Hey ladies! Have you been tired surfing the internet and going through the various weight loss tricks, trying them but still not able to lose a pound? Maybe, it’s just that those tricks are just myths and they don’t work at all.

Yeah, you read that right. Most of the tricks that you’ve been reading for a while on the internet may not be worth giving a try or a read. But don’t worry, we got such myths busted. Here is a list of weight loss tricks that do work and those who don’t. Read on and find it for yourself.

1. Measure your weight on a daily basis

This is a really bad advice as it does no good, but it just makes you obsessed with a number on the scale. It is no good way to value yourself by determining it by a number on a scale. Even scientific research says that it is better to focus on losing weight rather than being fixated over a number on the scale.

Even a normal person’s weight fluctuate one or two pounds in a day and that’s pretty normal. It isn’t something to stress about. So, weighing yourself each day is not something to be obsessed with.

2. Eat a lot of mini meals throughout the day

Many people recommend that eating 6 small meals rather than 3 usual meals will help you to lose weight. Well, this is certainly a myth. Eating more often increases the desire to eat even more often. In fact, eating 6 small meals is no good than 3 big meals.

So, if you’ve a lot of time to spend in preparing and eating , then you should go for it. However, you won’t get the desired results.

3. Cooking from scratch

The very thing that affects our healthy weight is what we consume. Whatever we eat has a direct effect on our body processes. Cooking from scratch gives us the control over the ingredients that we’re going to include in our food. You actually become a producer before you become a consumer.

Also, you can have a control over what and how much you eat. If you’re the one that is not into dieting, then start making your meal from the scratch. It does help with the weight loss.

4. Start a juice cleanse

This is suggested by so many people , that substituting your daily food requirements with that of healthy fruit and vegetable juice will help you in weight loss. But, is it really possible for your body to sustain on a juice diet on a daily basis? Well, a juice intake is really good for detoxification of your body, but when it comes to weight loss, it’s not a good option. There are chances that when you start with your regular diet, all the weight will come back rushing that you lost on a juice diet.

So, it’s probably not the best option to live to day by day. However it can act as a great addition to your weight loss program. But still, it’s not a good choice for sustainable weight loss.

5. Snap a picture

Well, social media can be of great help in losing weight. Especially with foods that make you feel pretty embarrassed. All you have to do is that click a picture and post it or send it to a nutritionist. It will keep you dedicated to your weight loss regime. Starting a meal diary may sound funny, but it is of great help. You can observe in a daily basis that what do you eat and how healthy they’re.

Also, you’ll be more aware of what you’re eating, because you’re posting it. So, this trick can actually work. If you’re embarrassed about certain food items, you can caption it as – turned it down.

6. Taking weight loss supplements

Weight loss supplements are usually misunderstood as weight loss ingredients rather than supplements. But there’s no substitute to healthy diet and frequent exercises. No weight loss supplement is capable of making you lose weight without you doing any physical exercise. So, buying them will be like flushing down the money in a gutter.

They’re just meant to supplement the weight lose regime, nor for replacing them. Also, they take a lot of time to show their effect. We would say that you should avoid these weight loss supplements, as all the ingredients you need for weight loss are in your kitchen.

7. Eat less calories

Many people find eating less calories as a easy way to weight loss. But, there’s a bit of clarification needed here. If you’re overeating , it’s really important to cut down on your calorie intake. But, if you’re consuming too less of calories than what you’re losing, it may cause extreme stress on your body.

This causes the weakening of the metabolism and of the digestive system. It also slows down the pulse and thyroid function. This may be not what you’re wanting to do to your body. You should keep an eye on the ingredients and the type of food that you’re consuming.

8. Listen to your cravings

Our cravings always try to convey something to us, that we rarely understand. For instance, if you’re having fat cravings, then it may mean that you’re consuming enough healthy fats. If you’re having salt cravings, then it may be a sign of adrenal fatigue. Similarly, when you crave for sugar, it may mean that either you’ve too much glucose or a very low amount of glucose in your body.

If you’re very stressed on a regular basis, you nay crave for chocolate. Guess how? Chocolate contains magnesium, and magnesium deficiency is generally related to stress. If you get to know what each craving means , then you can figure a healthy way out of it.