Do These Quick Easy Exercise For Supermodel Arms In 60 Days

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It is the most obvious thing to say that every woman wants slim, fit and healthy body and specifically arms without armpit fat. The fat around our shoulder area makes our hands look bulky and it does not look good in any as when it comes to wear dress then the fat around these specific areas generate problem. Here we have mentioned and briefly explained some arms exercises that will surely help you out.

Bending the arms

For this exercise stand straight and but there should be appropriate distance between the both foot and slightly bend your knees  and hold the weights in both of your hands and if there is no weight than you can also use water bottles to do the exercise. First of all move your hands holding the bottles towards your chest and then in front of your face. Always release the air out while bending your hands and inhale while straightening out the hands.

Backward chair push ups

For backward chair push up you will need a chair and it would be good if it will be of wood as then it will be straight and balanced. Hold the end of the chair using both hands and then make 90 degree angle with your feet (by bending). Hold the chair and lower down your pelvis and then move back to ye original state. Inhale while crouching down and exhale while pulling yourself upward.

Bench push-ups

While doing bench push ups you will have to put your hands on bench together but distance should be appropriate and then straighten your hands and legs and tilt yourself a little bit and now move close to the bench by squeezing your abdomen and bending your elbows. Take air inside of you while pushing yourself down and exhale while pulling yourself up ward

Wall push-ups

For push ups on walls stand up against a wall and straighten up your body and pass your weight on to the wall. Place your palms over the walls and there should be appropriate distance between both of the feet and hands. Now slightly push yourself against the wall, bending your elbows and then slowly again retain the original position. Try to exhale while you push yourself away from the wall and inhale while getting close to the wall.

Floor push -ups

For this exercise you will have to attain Planck position but there is one difference that there should be much distance between the two hands and your legs should be close to each other .Now bend your elbows and lie flat on stomach. Move your legs in upward direction while both feet are crisscrossed. Now you must move yourself up by straightening your hands and again thee original position should be attained. Do not forget to exhale while pushing down and inhale while pushing upwards.

Shadow boxing

In shadow boxing first stand straight and then move one of your leg in front and the other should be at the back. Now move one of your hands in front and start boxing in air keeping one of your hands elbow bend. Do the same exercise using the other hand and then bend the elbows of the straightened up hand and vice versa. You can also do this exercise while holding some weight in your hands and if you don’t have weight then you may use any substance of the equivalent weight. Do this to exercise for 10 – 15 minutes.

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