A 4 Minute Workout That Replaces One Hour In The Gym

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We all wants to keep our body fit and fine and for that we go to gym on regular basis but sometimes our busy schedule make us skip our gym which break downs our daily routine of doing exercise.  Here are few exercises that do not need any kind of equipment and these exercises are no less than your gym workout and make you lose many calories to keep your body and mind healthy.


For this particular exercise you will to stand in a correct and relaxing posture then widen your feet gap a little bit and put both of your hands behind your head and start crouching down and move your pelvis back and try to crouch as low as possible but keep it in mind that you should keep your back straight and then try to retain the posture in the beginning by straining your abs and leg muscles.

Push -ups

For this exercise turn yourself in such a way that you do when you are going to lie down on your stomach but there is one difference that your weight should be distributed on tour hands and feet. Try to keep your elbows near your body and then lower down your whole body and then pull it up again. Continue the same process for several seconds.

Mountain climber

In mountain climber exercise you will have to attain the same posture as you do in push ups but keep your hands straight. After attaining this posture move one of your legs forward and close to the chest and then move it again on the initial position while moving the leg in the same way and then again move the other leg in the initial position. Now do the same process with the other one too. This exercise is effective in burning excess calories and it also slim downs your tummy.



In lunges you will have to keep your hands on waist while keeping both the feet apart. Now move the right leg in forward direction and there should be much gap between the two. The right leg that you have moved forward should be bent and it looks much close to a 90 degree angle and your other foot should be bent in this way that it touches the ground. Repeat this exercise by changing the position of the both feet.


Jump exercise will be beneficial for your leg muscles and will tighten the skin around your stomach. In this exercise at the initial stage you will have to keep your legs close to each other and hands should also be close to the body. While jumping you will have to spread your legs and your hands should be raised above your head and then attain the initial position and repeat the same process for several seconds.

 Workout Plan

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