Enjoy Glowing, Radiant Skin All Year Round- Yes, Even Through Winter

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As the seasons change, so does our skin. Not only does the tone move a few shades back, but our daily regime shifts as well. With winter winds and dropped temperatures, it’s normal to notice an overall change in your skin; and unfortunately, it’s not always for the better.

But, not to worry! Because with any problem, comes a solution; and thankfully we live in a day and age where we have easy access to our skin’s needs- any time of year.

If you find yourself noticing changes when you look in the mirror, like many of us do-take note of the tips below. You’ll be on your way to radiant and glowing skin in no time!

Winter skin doesn’t always have to be thirsty and pale. You can bring it back to life and maintain radiant skin all 365 days of the year! Let’s check out some of the best essentials to giving your skin an extra boost this season:

A Quality SPF

First things first, no matter the time of year- an SPF cream is crucial! Just because the weather is cool outside, doesn’t mean those sneaky UV rays can’t touch your face. They can and they will. Fight them off with daily with a good SPF. 30 is a good place to start, but a 50+ will really block out those rays.

Take it one step further and use a cream that has zinc as well. This will act as a shield from the sun.

Wash With Cool-Lukewarm Water

Those steaming hot showers feel awesome, especially during the winter months. But hot water on your face is a big no-no. It will strip your skin from its naturals oils and dry it out even more.

So, if you want to enjoy a hot shower, by all means, do so. Just keep those hot fluids away from your precious face.

Moisturize Directly After Shower

A moisturizer is essential. But In the dryer months, your skin definitely needs that added effect. For best results, apply to damp skin in order to seal the moisture.

Sunless Face Tanning

I know, I know. Some of us just weren’t born with one of those awesome year-round tans. Even the ones who still experienced paler skin in the winter months. As a part of protecting our skin, we want to stay away from tanning beds. And while it’d be nice to keep up with a good spray tan, they can add up.

Lucky for us, there are many face oils and clothes that will gradually create a natural tan, all while adding vitamins and minerals to the skin.

Hydrate From Within

The saying still stands true- you are what you eat. And even when we do our absolute best to moisturize on the outside, hydrating from the inside creates an excellent combination. Incorporate foods into your diet such as; watermelon, cucumber, celery, apples, and zucchini.

Not only are they hydrating, but they’re also good for you too. An additional option is- adding coconut water into your smoothies. Simple and delicious.

Switch Up Your Cleanser

Just as our skin changes, it’s needed for different care does too. Take a look at the ingredients. Cleansers containing ingredients such as glycolic or salicylic acid can be very drying. Try rotating in some more moisturizing options. Chamomile, lavender, and hydraulic acid are very good options.

Use A Humidifier

A humidifier will create moisture in the air, therefore eliminating some of the dryness we encounter. In the end, it gives our skin a break from the winter air.

Sleep With A Treatment

In order to wake up with a guaranteed glow, sleep with an overnight treatment on. It will give your skin the extra boost it needs while helping you around the clock.

Use A Gentle Exfoliator

It’s common for our skin to turn flaky. Not to worry. By gently exfoliating, you’ll wash those winter blue away by keeping your skin fresh and smooth.

Apply A Quality Serum

If you already use serums, you know they’re life-changing. But they’re especially important in the cooler months because they really put in the extra work. Not only do they give you an immediate glow you can literally feel them fueling your skin with much-needed nutrients.

Create DIY Masks For Extra Love


Not all options have to be purchased at a beauty store. Many of them are sitting in your kitchen right now. Create your own masks to add in a nice variety of nutrients in your daily routine. Easy go-to options are; bananas, yogurt, honey, avocado, and almond oil.

You can use them on their own, or get creative and make your own perfect mix. Allow it to rest on your face for 10-30 for ultimate results.

If you give your skin the extra care this winter,  you’ll see radiant results that will last clear into spring! Now that’s something that’s glow-worthy.