Ever Wondered What Do The Red Dots On Your Skin Mean?

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People normally have many spots on the skin which is normal. There are various types of spots that can be seen, mostly are natural and by birth but some of them can be a serious health issue that is skin cancer and much more. But people of today’s time take Google seriously more than a real doctor and ignore these spots which result in severe skin problems . Here are some of the body spots that are described below and differentiated as harmful and normal ones.

Cherry like harmless spots

These spots are normal and if you see them on your body don’t freak out as they are normal and it seems like red colored ink spot and most of the time are not visible to naked eyes. They appear on the skin due to ageing and blood vessels. These kinds of spots may seem a little bit bumpy or flat and color various can be seen in these kinds of spots.

Benign skin diseases


They may sound something like a horrible skin disease but they are just blood vessel inflammation and can be treated by using anti- inflammatory medications. These spots may appear on skin due to some wrong medications as people do not seek doctor’s advice before intake of any medicines which sometimes can cause skin infections.

A simple bug bite

They appear on skin due to bites of bugs and mosquitoes and in more than 80% of cases red spots appear on skin because of insect, bugs and mosquito bites. There is nothing to worry about these spots if you want to get rid of these apply calamine lotion over it.

To scratch or not to scratch

Some people have sensitive skin and even bug’s bite and mosquito’s bite can turn into serious skin rashes and red spots and burning sensation can be felt for some time and to treat these rashes use mild lotion and prevent scratching these kinds of rashes.

Fair and ageing

Not only wrinkles are the signs of ageing, spots are also the signs ageing. When people cross a particular age can have some spots on the skin and more commonly red spots can be seen .these spots are normal and disappear after some time.

Acute skin diseases

Some acute diseases like fever and rubella can also cause spots and rashes on the skin and disappear after some time when proper medication is done. But when you feel like the rashes are severe and are not disappearing with time and seek doctor for


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