Here’s What Your Favorite Internet Memes Look Like Today.

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Memes are something which can turn your bad mood into a good one in just few seconds and also memes don’t need much creativity there are just a face and some words that fit on the facial expressions. Memes have also reduced the time consuming jokes and complicated comedy. This content is all about some of the widely spread memes and what and how the shots actually happened.

Bad Luck Brian

Brian is now a normal person who is a young father and works in construction. Brian becomes famous due to his string of bad luck. But now things are pretty normal and good.


Laina Walker/Crazy Girlfriend


laina walker is a beautiful women who became global sensation and well known by people as crazy girlfriend. But these are just moments of their life which turned out to be the funniest memes after some edition.

Connor Sinclair

Connor Sinclair is living a normal life. He became a worldwide sensation when his face was used in memes as a drug addict and still proud of it.


Kimmo KM


kimmo km was a 19 years old guy who make meme of people’s faces being an anonymous and make fun of certain people but when people started noticing and found out the kimmo was behind all this then turned on kimmo and people started making fun of him.


Sammy at a very small age unintentionally gave people a very good laugh on thousands on memes he can see his face till now. But now he is a little bit grown up but still holds that sense of humor.


Dave Roth’s Daughter


Dave Roth is a famous professional photographer who made her daughter Roth famous unintentionally during a practice run for a local fire department. During the practice he told her to move around and when she moved he suddenly snapped a picture and voila a funny meme was on his way.

Mia Talerico

The facial expression of mia talerico made her this famous. The picture was snapped during the shooting of film of “good luck Charlie” and eventually this movie was a super hit.


Giorgia A. Tsoukalos


You have seen giorgia a. tsoukalos in thousands of memes and he started his carrier as a meme actor. He was a part of many memes due to his hairstyle and facial expression.

Roxanne chalifoux

Roxanne was a normal girl who likes Villanova basket ball team like everyone else has some basket ball teams they like the most. But there is one difference she was pretty sensitive about it as when the Villanova team lost the match she started crying while playing their final tune.

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