7 Reasons Why Onions Are Basically A Household Miracle.

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Onion is the one of the most common ingredient that you can find in every woman’s kitchen. There are some compounds in the onion that are eye watering compounds and can make you cry while you are cutting an onion, without any reason. Some of us think that onions can only be used for cooking purpose but the scope of use of onion is pretty good. They can be used in various purposes which sometimes excludes cooking. Here are some of the various uses of onion explained briefly.

Don’t throw out your burned rice.

If you have mistakenly burnt rice and are going to throw it away then think about other solutions first. For instance onion can help you with the burnt rice, put a slice of onion on the burnt portion and feel the difference. The slice of the onion will absorb the foul smelling due to burning of rice.


Polish your silver ware


If you don’t want your silver ware to look that greasy and dirty then you can use onions to solve this problem. You just have to crush the onion and mix it in water. Now dip a cloth in the mix and rub on the greasy and dirty area of the silver ware to make them clean and shiny.

Stop feeling dizzy

A person who feels dizzy more often should carry onion pieces with him and when he feels dizzy put that piece under your nose as it will help you in preventing the dizziness in a more frequent way.


Cure your insomnia once and for all


Insomnia is one of the most common problems generally seen in youngsters but curing this common is not so easy. For a better sleep either eats some onions in dinner or put some onions in an open jar and places that open jar close to your bed.

Remove splinters without cutting your skin

Nothing causes more pain than splinters, they may seem so small but those small things generate much pain in your fingers. To remove splinter without hurting yourself seem impossible but onions have made it possible. Wrap the affected are with the piece of onion and wait for an hour to open it after opening you will notice that the splinter will get removed easily.


Help fighting off acne and diminish scars


Acne and scars are most common problem seen in half teenage population as acne and scars not only affect them physically but mentally too. To get rid of those prepare a mixture of onion juice, tomato juice and neem oil. Apply this mixture on troubling areas it will remove redness and lightens scars.

Lower your cholesterol level

Everyone knows that onions are very beneficial for our skin and health but it is also reduces the excess cholesterol inside your body. If you are going through high cholesterol then add some onion to your diet and get rid of high cholesterol level and it also in maintaining the cholesterol.



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