9 Kinds of Fish You Shouldn’t Eat

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We all know that fishes are something which are full of proteins and make our taste buds happy too. Fishes provide all the essential nutrients and micro nutrients which are need of physical development and are important part of healthy and balanced life. But there are also certain fishes that are not good for health and harm your health too.

Imported catfish

Most of the health experts are against eating imported catfishes and recommend people not to eat this fish because many fish farmer in greed of increasing their size feed them hormones. If you want to eat fish make sure that it is naturally grown fish as they have more nutritive value.


Mackerel fish contain high amount of mercury which when taken by humans increase the presence of mercury in their body which is dangerous for health. If you love to eat mackerel then try to eat Atlantic mackerel which contain least amount of mercury. The intake should be as specified: adults-200 g and children- 100 g.



Tuna should be prohibited because they contain excess amount of mercury more specifically in black fin and blue fin tuna. Moreover they contain antibiotics and hormones because in fish farms to increase the size of tuna they feed them antibiotics and hormones.



Tilapia fishes are those which contain harmful fats which promote cholesterol levels which promote heart diseases and also are the cause of asthma and arthritis. That is why it is recommended not to take tilapia that is prone to heart diseases.



Eels contain lots of fats which absorb industrial waste and farm waste which when reach to human body is highly toxic and also contain large amount of mercury. The intake should be as: adults- 300 g and children -200 g.


pangasius is a fish of fresh water which have become 10th most popular seafood product eaten in the united states but origin of these fishes is Vietnam , Mekong river which is highly contaminated river and these fishes contain high amount of nitrofurazone and polyphosphates which is carcinogenic.


Tile fish

People choose to eat tile fish because it is fresh water fish as well as they are low in fat but these kinds of fish contain high amount of mercury which increases the risk of food poisoning. The intake should be as: men -100 g and women and children are advised not to eat tile fish.

Sea bass

sea bass are those kinds of fish which can survive in both fresh and salt water and considered as the most sporty fish but these fishes are not good for health as they contain more than sufficient amount of mercury which is highly poisonous.


Dollar fish

People who have digestive issues means that their digestive system doesn’t work properly are advised to stay away from dollar fishes. It is one of the oiliest fish which affects the metabolism of human body and can cause indigestion.



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