Fitness Fan-‘Attic’ Workouts His Abs Hanging 10000 Feet Above On A Brazilian Ciff

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We all love fitness and want to keep our body fit and healthy and for that we seek gym and off course gym are a better option than doing crunches on a cliff. Some of us are so obsessed with fitness that sometimes they cross the limits of being insane and one of them is this man who is hanging from a cliff and may fall off it any time but this does not stop him from being a fitness freak.

  • This person who is known as Luis Fernando Candela is the one who goes for the extreme when it comes to fitness and adventure. He is from Rio De Janerio and the person behind all these perfect pictures is his girlfriend.

  • His one of the most famous stunt was performed on the beach of Pedra Do Telegrapho, Brazil at the national park Pedra Branca National Park.

  • He gives all the credit to his hard work and positive thinking that helped him out to hold the cliff for the perfect shot . Workout strengthens muscles and boosts your endurance and that helped him out to tackle all the problems.

  • The adventurous things which are done by Luis are not something which is possible for everyone. He practiced all of his stunts for years and years to attain perfection in it and to reach his wild goals.

  • It is a natural thing to be scared about losing the loved ones but this life is for living not surviving, so live it to the fullest and keep doing the things you love and you have got only one life.
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