5 Exercises To Tone Your Abs Right At Home Without Doing Sit-Ups Or Crunches

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It is not everyone’s cup of tea to do crunches or sit-ups and for beginners this is the hardest part to do as it mostly results in hurt back and neck pain. It is better for some of us to exclude crunches and sit-ups in their exercise and add some of the easy exercises that can burn calories as well. Here are some of those exercises explained briefly that a beginner can do for a good start.


If you are a beginner and do not want to do those heavy exercise in the start then plank is the most suitable exercise for you .place your palms flat on the floor and hands should be kept straight and place your feet on to your toes and make sure that your shoulder and hips line should be straight and hold this position as long as you can.

The dead bug

This exercise is beneficial in easing down the cramps that occur due to exercising .in this exercise you have to lie down on your back and extend your hands towards the ceiling and in front of you (keep your hands straight). Now lift both of your knees to an angle of 90 degree and exhale out. Now straighten one of your legs just above the ground and then again return to the beginning position slowly.

Alternate arm and leg raise

Start this exercise after being on all your fours and keep yourself balanced. Now slowly move your left hand towards the wall and extended your right leg towards the wall and do the required sets. Make sure that you are using alternate hands and legs. Now bring the extended hand and leg to the starting position and do this exercise with other hand and leg.


As a starting position lie on your back and extend your legs in front of you, after extending feet but both of your hands under your body and flat on the floor. Now put some strain on your abs and do upward and downward movement of your legs in slow pace. While doing this exercise make sure that your feet do not touch the floor.

Mountain climbers

For this exercise you will have to attain a plank’s position and your hands should be straight and palms should be flat on the ground. Now pull on of your legs towards the chest and then bring it back to the starting position while moving the other leg towards the chest. If you are a beginner then you must do it slowly and gradually increase the speed.


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