The Correct Way To Apply Red Lipstick

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Most of the time when you are not clear about the color of the lipstick you want to wear then we know what to wear when we are confused “red lipstick “. Red lipsticks are the most sensual one from all the shades. it has been the most common color but still bring out the most beautiful feature of your face more efficiently as compared to other shades but we should know the appropriate method of application of lipstick that would make your lips look much beautiful and scrumptious.

Things You Will Need For First Method

  • Lip brush (thin)
  • Translucent powder
  • Concealer
  • Makeup brush


1. For scrumptious lips, you will surely need the above-described things. First of all, apply concealer on your lips for smooth application of the lipstick.

2. After this use the lip pencil to mark an “X” just below the philtrum of the lips and then fill the rest of the lips using the same pencil.

3. Now use blotting paper and cover your lips with that and apply translucent powder on your lips using the makeup brush.

4. When you are done with the application of translucent powder then apply lipstick with a thin brush and at last apply shadow under your lips carefully.

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