Genius bra hacks that will make life easier

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Since women have various problems regarding bra. Some of the problems are that bra straps often get slipped from shoulder. Sometimes the bra fabric breaks through and the fabric starts to dig into the skin and it pains very much. Sometimes the strapless bra is often not in place.

There are various bra hacks given below:-

  1. A genius trick for keeping the strapless bra in place.

Take one bra strap and wrap that extra strap around the bottom edge of your strapless bra front to back. After that is done, then link the hooks together in the back so that the strap sits snug against your ribcage and the bra stays put and hence no more adjustments.

  1. Strap bra for backless tops and dresses.

Start off by cutting the back of the bra off 1.5cm from the boning.

Use the back piece of the bra as a template to cut the three straps to length, allow 2cm extra in case.

Lay the bra face up and lay the straps on top face down.

Stitch the straps down on the back side of the boning.

Then fold the 1.5cm back and stitch on the front side of the boning.

Safety pins the other side and tries the bra on to make sure it fits. Remember you need to get it on and off so don’t make it too tight.

Repeat steps 3 to 5, trim off the excess and you’re done.

  1. Simple trick to hide bra

Bra clips are most traditionally used to pinch your bra straps in the back when you are wearing a racer-tank style shirt or dress, but they are versatile and can be used several ways.

  1. Bra strap converter for low back dresses

1) Snip off the clasps from an old bra, making sure to leave enough “band” on to attach to the elastic. Bra clasps, for the most part, are universally sized but do test out the clasps on the bra you plan on wearing just to be sure.

2) Sew one clasp to the end of an elastic band. Make sure you sew it on securely because there will be tension pulling on the band.

3) Clasp it on one end of your bra, and wrap around your tummy to measure the length you need. You want it to be taught so that the tension pulls the back of bra band down low enough, but not so tight that you’re uncomfortable. Cut your elastic to the length you need, then sew on the second clasp. Voila! This will not work on completely back-less items but is adjustable enough to work on a range of lower-dipping backs.

  1. Air Dry Your Bras Instead Of Placing them in the dryer

Never dry your bra is the dryer, because the dryer will ruin the elastic of bras. The best way is to place them flat or drape them over a hanger and airs dry your bras.

  1. How to update old bras with gold studs:  Follow the below steps for that:      
  2. Creative ways to store bras in closet

Add hooks to wooden hangers and stack them for a nice DIY bra organizer.

  1. How to quickly fix a broken underwire bra

First push that annoying wire back into the hole it poked out of. Then cut a small piece of the moleskin just big enough to cover the area of the hole.

  1. The right way to wear bra   

10.                        An Easy Method Of Making Seam Tape To Cover Cup Seams.

There are easy seam tapes for bras so to cover cup the seams.

11.                        Petite Bra with detailed tutorial

The fabrics can be used very efficiently because you don’t have to worry about the grainlines or stretch directions at all.
However, it is good to cut mirror images of the foam pieces symmetrically. Otherwise, you can lay patterns in any direction.

12.                        Easy lace bra top

Create a romantic and feminine lace top with these detailed tutorials. It is perfect to wear on at the seaside or under summery jackets and blouses.


13.                        Racer back bra sewing tutorial

Cut stretch lace below length cut 2 pieces. Use the width of the stretch lace. Fold the cut lace vertically in half with right sides of lace facing. Sew this diagonal line and trim the edge. Sew two pieces together at top of triangle. In the centre, sew the elastic band using zigzag stitches.

14.                        Sew the front half of a cheap strapless bra into a

backless dress.

We need to try sewing the front half of a cheap strapless bra into the dress itself.

15.                        Hide straps with paper clip

We can use paper clips to hide the straps and keep them from poking out.

16.                        Genius trick for washing bra

There are various ways to wash it without damaging the bra.

17.                        Bra strap concealer

Sewing bra straps concealers with a few thin strips of fabric and sew-on press studs and keep your wide neck shirts from falling off of your shoulder.

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