Get Rid Of Joint Pain With Just A Peel Of Lemon

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Help Joint Pain with Lemon Peels

This might sound like a joke to many of you. Well, it isn’t. And we do have an explanation. But before that, we need to gather a bit of knowledge. One of the most common health problems people experience nowadays is joint pain. This pain can be caused by many things. For instance, bone injuries, ligament injuries or cartilage around the joints can cause this type of pain.

The symptoms include swelling, warmth, weakness, redness, limping, tenderness, and loss of range of motion in the joint. We all want to stay fit and active as long as we’re alive. And joint pain just makes is difficult. Different people treat this in a different way. Some go for medicines , wheras some opt for pain relieving gels and sprays. However, a few know about the natural approach. But, we’re to help you. We have this natural approach detailed below, that you may be intrigued to know.

Benefits of lemon peel

Lemons are very rich in different minerals and vitamins like A, B6, C, B1, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, pectin, magnesium etc. We all have used lemon, as it’s a common ingredient. However, only few know how beneficial it is for our health. Lemon peel has very powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It has so much to offer, from soothing nerve pain to improving the health of blood vessels.

Coming to the recipe’s. Yes, recipe’s – there are two of them , and both are equally effective. You can use whichever one you feel is more easy.

Recipe No. 1

For this recipe, you need to grate the lemon. Just make sure , that you grate the yellow part only. Apply in on the affected area and cover it up with a bandage. Leave it for a couple of hours. Even you’ll be amazed at the results.

Recipe No. 2


1. Two lemons

2. Extra virgin olive oil

3. Eucalyptus leaves

Peel off the lemon and keep it in a jar. Cover ot up with extra virgin oil and add eucalyptus leaves at the end. Close the jar and leave it for approx 2 weeks. After this, you can use it over the affected area. Do not forget to cover it up with a bandage.

For better results, apply these before going to bed, or anytime when you don’t move your affected parts.

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