Know What Your Headaches Reveal About Your Health

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Headaches always come to you at the wrong time, and they’re also very annoying. We all must’ve experienced it and it makes us feel sick for a while. We’ve heard of the common cure,to eat bananas and to drink a lot of water. This is not always a cure. The reason is that there are different types of headache and each needs a different cure.

Sometimes the headache is caused just due to dehydration or fatigue whereas in some cases it can be an indication of some other serious health issue. The famous neurologist Dr. Sakib Qureshi MD has explained that the frequent headaches can be a “red light warning signals”, thus we need to understand the difference between the common headaches and those that may are providing a sign to another health problems.

So, before you head on to find a cure, first try finding the reason. Based on the reason behind the headaches , it can be divided into four categories.

1. Sinus headache

In a sinus headache, you can feel a weight on the cheeks, eyes and temple, and additionally a fever. It is caused due to sinus aggravation and is a torment to you.

Treatment:- Talking about the treatments that can be done for a sinus headache, one should utilize warm water as it’ll diminish the irritation by opening up the sinuses. Also, include loads of vitamin C in your diet like oranges and green tea with lemon. Vitamin C is also helpful in preventing cancer and will help you to fight diseases.

Additionally, you can apply chilly and hot packs, drink a soup or eat a crisp ginger. These are capable of diminishing the torment.

2. Strain headache

This is the most common type of headache , and it’s mostly accompanied by feeling heaviness or weight around the head, primarily in the back of the head and the neck, or at the sanctuaries. It may also torment your eye territory , and if it’s a regular guest , you may end up feeling sick. It’s accepted to be a consequence of an anxiety that prompts compression of the muscles of the neck and scalp.

Treatment:- Combine peppermint oil and ginger tea to bring yourself relief. Applying peppermint oil to the hairline will bring a cooling sensation, hence unwinding your head and neck muscles, whereas ginger tea will help calm the irritation.

3. Cluster headache

It mostly shows up in females and can show up in even both the eyes. It’s frequent and repeating, and occurs in a cycle or gathering. It occurs all of a sudden, with no apparent reason and prompts an extreme torment on one side of the head. The effects can be nasal clog, a watery eye or a blustery nose. It happens when certain nerve pathway is actuated in the base of the cerebrum.

Treatment:- Capsaicin cream has a dynamic fixing called cayenne pepper. If you connect a little amount of it to the nostril, it’ll provide relief from the torment.

4. Migraine

People of the age 25-55 mostly suffer from headaches. This incorporates various distinctive neurological manifestations. Headaches are showed by severe, extraordinary, throbbing torment on one and only side of the head. In 33% of a headache, the torment happens on the both sides of the head. The side effects of this headache includes dizziness, vomiting, nausea, extreme sensitivity to light, touch, smell, sound, visual disturbances, as well as numbness or tingling in the face. The symptoms spread out from the top of the head descending.

Treatment:- People can advantage from the utilisation of omega 3 greasy acids , vitamin B12 , and magnesium. Including them in diet will keep headaches away. Oxygen consuming activities can also help in treating a migraine.

Now you know the types of headaches. So, you can determine which one you face and you can treat it wisely. Going through the natural methods will provide a much permanent relief than the conventional methods that provides temporary relief. Also, the natural methods hace no side effects.

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