How To Be Confident And Independent

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Okay, so we all have some confidence issues—like who doesn’t? But sis, it is alright! I gotchu! Being confident is something everybody has in them, and everyone can be a boss in their own way! With some practice and self-realization, anyone can become a better version of themselves!


1. LOVE Yourself

This one is a hard one, especially for my overthinkers out there! Don’t sit around sulking in your own self-pity! Stop that right now! Don’t think that you need somebody else in life to make you happy—because you really don’t (who wants to deal with someone else anyway?). This might sound cheesy and completely stupid, but every morning when you wake up, I want you to go in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you.” You think I’m kidding? Well, I’m not… It’s a weird effect, but it’s similar to when you get called “fat” all your life when you really aren’t, only to end up believing that you indeed are (unfortunately)! With this tactic though, you will be using that method for something positive, conditioning yourself to believe that you are loved and that you don’t need anyone. Words of affirmation are everything! Get on it!!



2. Take Care Of Yourself

This includes pampering yourself! Be selfish, and do things that make you happy because, at the end of the day, they are most likely not thinking about your needs and wants. Prioritize yourself always! I am not saying be careless or mean, I am merely saying that there is nothing wrong with being selfish from time to time. Go get your nails done! Change up your hair! Whatever makes you happy, go and do that! You are the only person that has your own best interest in mind, and neglecting those interests can prove costly.



3. Body Language

This is a BIG one! Your body says it all before people even talk to you. If you look miserable and slumped then people are going to think that you are a miserable human being. Walk with your head up high, shoulders straight, and have a pleasant facial expression. I know it sounds like being a robot, but you really don’t need to be monotoned entirely in body language. People look at body language as a level of self-respect! If you love yourself and take care of yourself, you, therefore ‘look’ the part. Body language is everything, especially in a professional setting such as business. So don’t talk the talk, walk the walk.



4. Be About Your Business!

Being a little secretive never hurt anyone! Never be too revealing when it comes to your personal life! People can be awful because we live in a cold world. Therefore you should never be too blunt with your emotions. It is perfectly healthy to vent, just do it under moderation and with the right people. You don’t want to have all these positive attributes only to find out that you’re a vast complainer; that pushes people away sis, and it’s so not healthy or cute! Be honest though, never lie. If you’re actually having a bad day, you can say something like, “Today is OK,” that is all you don’t need some big monologue! Diaries are a great alternative if you find it hard to keep it together!



5. Emotions

Your emotions can either make or break you! Honey if you need some therapy, then I am all in for you! Everybody can be a little emotionally unstable from time to time, and there definitely is nothing wrong with that! Practice some meditation techniques which fall under the “self-care” section of this article. Write things down and document your emotions. I know all this because I took many psychology classes so trust me. Also, it is just common sense to write your feelings down. Take a breather, give yourself a break sometimes. You are not a machine; you need to REST! Go on a hiatus for a while! Clear your head. Practice being cool, calm, and collected. If I can do it, you can do it!