How To Do Pedicure At Home: 10-Step Pedicure Tutorial For Beginners

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Pedicure is a cosmetic treatment done to feet to keep them in healthy state, it also prevent nail diseases and disorder. Pedicure is mostly popular in women. Women can drop everything and make their feet look pretty. But maintenance of feet sometimes seems impossible as it consumes much time in salon so it is not possible to go there every time. Here are some easy ways to do pedicure at home whenever you want.

Step 1: pedicure bucket

For pedicure the first thing that you have to do is fill the pedicure bucket with warm water and add some bath salt in it. If you don’t have bath salt you can use shampoo. Then add salt in water and keep lemon aside. Soak your feet in this solution for some time as the salt and shampoo will remove the dirt present in your feet and foot nails.

Step 2: remove nail paint

After the soaking process your nails will become soft and it will make it easier to remove the nail paint. Remove your nail pain using a nail paint remover.


Step 3: trimming nails

When you have removed your paint now it’s time to trim our cut your feet nails. Always be cautious while trimming your nails as trimming them wrong can lead to ingrown toe nails, which can be painful for you.  Keep the edges smooth and shape of the nails round.


Step 4: scrubbing

Soaking feet in the pedicure solution makes the heel soft and at this time it is easier to scrub the heels and remove the dead cell from the heels. You may use pumice stone or heel scrubber to remove dead skin cells and rough skin to make them soft and to treat the cracked heels.

Step 5: exfoliating

In this process again soak your feet again in the warm pedicure solution for 10-12 minutes and scrub the feet and then apply foot mask over it and do not forget about leaving the toes open.

Step 6: dry the feet

When you have exfoliated your feet then dry the feet properly using dry towel .

Step 7: prepare the cuticles

To push back your feet cuticles use wooden nail stick and gently push them back. Try not to cut the cuticles – as cutting cuticles can make you prone to infections. Don’t forget to soak your feet before pushing the cuticles back.


Step 8: cleaning

Once the nails have softened lightly scrub your nails with the help of a soft bristled brush. Ensure that you cautiously and gently scrub the nails as you may injure the nails and it could lead to feet infections.

Step 9: massaging

When you have clean your nails and removed dead skin from your heels now massage your feet using a moisturizer or messaging oil to restore the harm done to skin cells, if any. If you want your pedicure to stay longer then moisturize your feet daily.

Step 10: paint the nails

After moisturizing your feet with moisturizer now coat your nail with base coat, dry it and then apply the color of nail paint you want. You can apply some glitter over your make them look prettier and flashy.

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