I Was Shocked When I Discovered the Meaning of Fruit Stickers. I Thought It Was an Irrelevant Detail.

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There are a lot of things that you still don’t know. It’s totally normal because you are not a computer or a data logger. A normal human n=mind can’t just remember everything. But, there are some common things that you should know about and always keep them in your mind.
You must have seen stickers on fruits when you go to the market to buy some. Andwhat you do is just peel that sticker off and eat that fruit. Do you have any idea what that sticker tells you about that fruit? Read here.


1. Sticker containing 4 digit code starting with number 3 or 4

If there is s a sticker on fruits which consists of 4 digit number then it states that the fruit was produced using the modern agronomic technique. The four digit number must begin with 3 or 4. It means that abundant amount of fertilizers and pesticides were used during the production of the fruit. Lemons having this sticker paste on them are of superior quality. You’ve no need to think whether you should buy it or not. You can go for them without any confusion in your mind.

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