8 Eyeliner Hacks To Intensify Your Everyday Look! You’re Going To Love #5

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Eyeliner is something which is used to define individuals/women’s eye features more clearly. They are used by women in their daily makeup routine. Eyeliners usually enhance features of eyes for instance eyeliner can make small eyes look bigger and vice versa. Eyeliner gives your eyes an instant attractive and gorgeous look. Beauty can’t be completed without eyeliner.

This all depends on the method of applying the eyeliner. This article is all about defining the different eyeliner looks in order to enhance your eye features. Here are some eyeliner tricks that will make your beauty work easier and comfortable and also gives an intensify look. Check out here:

#1 For blue eyes.

 #1 For blue eyes.


Purple eyeliner will help your blue eyes to emphasize well. In addition, pink or dark-colored eyeshadow will work best with it.


#2 polished eye look for both day and night.

#2 Polished eye look for both day and night.

Follow your eyeliner along the upper line lash line and then extend the tail little more.

#3 Apply glitter

#3 Apply glitter 

Now apply some glitter eyeliner to give your eye an attractive and unique look.


#4 have smaller eyes? We’ve got a solution

#4 Have smaller eyes? We've got a solution


To make your eyes appear big start from the mid of the upper lash line and spread it to the periphery, then draw a satisfactory line on the decrease lash and connect to the tip of the above line.


#5 and hey, don’t forget to fill the inner rims

#5 And hey, don't forget to fill the inner rims

For a birthday celebration-time look you need to apply dark shades in your inner rims.

#6 choosing the right pencils matter

#6 Choosing the right pencils matter

You can opt. dry pencil in afternoon in order to prevent your liner from getting fade.

#7 Do not forget to wash the eyeliner before sleeping

#7 Do not forget to wash the eyeliner before sleeping

I recognize after a protracted night out, you can at once crash for your mattress. However, if you want to keep away from eye hypersensitive reactions, then it is always advised to smooth off your liner earlier than sound asleep.


#8 Bold eyeliner

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