Keeping Phone At These Places Will Cause Serious Health Problems

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Can you imagine a day without your cell phone on your side? Absolutely no! Even if you have nothing to do with it , you want to keep it with yourself. But that’s not a big problem. The problem is that keeping your phone at certain places can actually affect your health. And you need to know it now.

1. Back pocket

Avoid keeping your phones in your back pocket. Else, you’ll end up losing your phone or you’ll lose it. There can be pain in your legs and back. So keeping your phone near your hips is not a good option.

2. Front pocket

Majority of guys keep phone in their front pocket because they don’t have a purse for it. This can cause pain in legs and it does affect the quality and frequency of sperms. So, it’s better to find another way to carry it.

3. Bra

Some women may find it safe, but actually the radiations from the phone can cause cancer. Therefore , there’s a high risk of the women to develop breast cancer.

4. On your hip

Keeping your phone on or around your hip can weaken your hip bone. So you would like to carry it in your bag now.

5. Against your skin

You shouldn’t keep your mobile in direct contact with your skin as then the electromagnetic radiations become even closer and can affect you badly.

6. Cold places

You shouldn’t keep your mobile phones and gadgets in cold places as it will affect the internals of your mobile. This is due to condensation when you return to a warm place after you’ve been in a cold environment for too long. If the weather isn’t good outside, you should take a warm cover for your mobile rather than just walking out.

7. Hot places

You should avoid keeping phone near hot places or in direct contact with sunlight, near gas stove, etc. Because this can cause overheating of your gadget and it can even stop working.

8. In a stroller

You may find it very easy to keep your phone in a stroller with your baby. But you need to know that there are so many radiations coming out from it and it can actually adversely affect the health of the baby.

9. Under your pillow

This is one of the most harmful places where one can keep their phone. The reason is that the phone can explode in the middle of the night just because you kept it under your pillow for a long time. Also, the radiations coming from the phone aren’t going to be stopped by the pillow. Instead , it’ll cause dizziness and headache.

10. Never leave your phone on charging

Make sure you plug out the charger as soon as your phone gets fully charged, as not doing so can actually reduce the battery life of the mobile phone. Also, you need to avoid using your phone while charging as it can explode, hurting you. So , if you’ve some work to do, plug out the charger.

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