Zodiac Pairs That Are Most Compatible And Are A Perfect Match

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Have you ever felt attracted to someone sexually in an eerie way that has no explanation. Well, astrology got the blame. Yes, you hear that right. Some zodiac signs according to astrology are attracted to each others more often. Various zodiac signs have their own behavioural traits that distinguish them from each other. Similarly, they have their own way to respond to the attractions they feel for one another.

While air signs might be a little more open-minded and curious, water signs are more about passion and intensity. Fire signs could be a little kinky, and earth signs don’t mind when things get messy between the sheets.

So, if you want to determine how it’s going to be between you two in bed , then you should surely ask their zodiac sign.

1. The spontaneous couple- Aries and Saggitarius-

These are active type of couples and are always involved in doing something adventurous. Doesn’t matter where they’re, when the mood strikes, they’re most likely to have sex. Aries are very adventurous, in and out of the bed, so the fun-loving nature of a sagittarius will feel challenged and turned on when they’re around. They’re always excited to try new things.

2. The determined couple- Virgo and Taurus

When this couple combination comes in action, things go a little dirty. From awkward sounds to bodily functions, everything makes them unique at bed. And there’s always something to clean up after the deed is done. Whatever it be, they care the least. They are sensual and more focused on how things feel, rather than how strange it looks. They’re the practical doer’s and will go for it , whenever the urge strikes , without any romance. The taurus appreciates the perfection in the virgo whereas the virgo is aroused every time by the strength and grit of taurus who is always ready to dive in.

3. The curious couple – Gemini and Aquarius

These two signs are both communicative and playfull. Aquarians tend to be more experimental whereas for gemini, it’s all about having some really good time. So, this combo is never getting bored. They are frank about what they feel and how they want to feel. If there’s anything that worries them, they aren’t afraid of talking about it and sorting things out to make their sexual life better. They’re more likely to use words for seduction before any of the clothes come off. They’re never afraid of experimenting something new in bed. They’re a win- win team together.

4. The passionate couple- Cancer and Pisces

Being the water signs, the options about trying something new are endless. Water has no boundaries, so they have a vast pool of positions, locations, and types of sex to choose from. For them, sex is a combination of romanticism and intensity. They are capable of reading other people’s mind and that gives them the capability to allow great orgasms over time. They’ll appreciate the caring and loving side of one another and will likely be caught in the act in an ocean, lake or pool, because why not? “Water’s their thing.”

5. The romantic couple – Leo and Libra

Leos tend to have big egos that need stroking, and luckily, libra is up for the job. Leos want to be adored, loved and appreciated while libra needs caring and someone to dote on. On bed, there’s a chance of endless fireworks, drama and romance. They’re action lovers and are quite expressive about how they feel and what they like. Leos need an attractive partner to show off and that’s what exactly libra is about.

6. The kinky couple- Scorpio and Capricon

They may be the opposite poles of a magnet , but when they’re together, things go really really well. Capricorns can be really hard-working and get wrapped up in their heads, while scorpios are super intense and passionate. The ambitious nature of Capricorns are always up for a challenge and that’s what makes them go kinky in bed when the scorpio encourages them. The appreciation from scorpio makes capricon push their limits. Capricorn will work until they’re perfect at whatever kink their Scorpio partner is into. It gets them going, too.


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