Know Your Future Marriage From Your Palm

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Future Marriage is something that everyone wants to know that what will happen to them in their marriage. Sometimes we predict what we want in our future marriage but we have some ability that may give you the glimpse into your future marriage by simply reading your palms and for that you need to flip your hands over flat and place them against each other.


It is necessary that your hands do not cup while doing this as your hands will crease and prediction might be inaccurate if your hands are not over flat.


There are 3 possible outcomes that probably came while reading your palm. This will tell you about your interest. Let’s find out the three possible outcomes.



If your palms are at the same height then it simply means that you are very intelligent person with disciplined life. This is really a good thing and your future spouse will be someone approved by everyone and your life will be happy.




If your right palm is higher than left palm then it means that you are favored by the one who is older than you. You don’t care about what others think of you and you are likely to marry someone who is older than you. You are extremely good at reading the room.

If your left palm is higher than you’re the right palm then it means that your passion is through the roof.  You have a fiery love for most of the things that you care about.

You are an extremely good looking person and your spouse will be also. Your marriage could probably end up cross-cultural too!

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