8 Tips For Drawing Flawless Eyeliner Arrows

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You can explore your look with eyeliner on your own personal twist. Perfect eye makeup can make you look more gorgeous and attractive. It is the most powerful weapon in the woman beauty. It provides your face a new charm.

Simply follow these tips for drawing flawless eyeliner arrows.

Dotted lines

For making a perfect arrow look first draw the dotted lines and after that join the dotted lines together.


Classic arrows

Classic arrow look makes your eye more expressive and charming and add volume to your eyelashes. If you are a beginner then start outlining it with a few brush strokes and join the separate lines together.

Multicolored arrows

Add something more interesting by draw arrows that comprise of several multicolored lines.


Double arrows

For double arrow look you need to draw a line in the upper eyelid and another under your lower one but insure that they do not intersect and then fill the gap between them with eye shadow.

Intersecting eyeliner

If you are approaching for this unusual makeup it’s important to make the arrow point upwards.


Light-colored arrows

For person having small eye should be advised to use light colored eyeliners. It will definitely make your eyes appear big.

Combating the close-set eyes effect

If you feel that your eyes look too narrow that eyeliners can be helpful for you. The arrow may be of any length and begin at the middle of the eye! This trick will make an illusion of making your eyes less narrow than before.


Time to experiment

You can even try something new; use different colors for arrow shape. You can even add decorative patterns or drawings!

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