Lighten Your Skin By Drinking This Juice Made At Home

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Well, all ladies want a glowing face and want to get a shade or two lighter. However , all the beauty products available in the market aren’t going to give you the desired effect. But you can get it just by sitting at home and by using home ingredients.

This skin-lightening drink contains tomato which is a storehouse of anti-oxidants, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and thiamine and is excellent for cardiovascular health. It also acts as a bleaching agent and lightens the complexion. The beta-carotene, vitamin C and fibres present in carrot help in clearing the skin off dark spots and patches. Cucumber is rich in vitamin B, and it reduces the fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. The vitamin C in orange purifies and nourishes the skin from within.


1. Two oranges

2. Two tomatoes

3. One cucumber

4. One carrot


Cut the tomatoes, cucumber and carrot into small pieces. Cut the two oranges in half and squeeze out all of their juice. Add the tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, and the orange juice into the blender and blend everything to get a smooth paste. Now you can drink it and do your skin a favour.

Enjoy your lightening up skin.