My New Perfect Brow Routine: Eyebrow Tutorial

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Eyebrows are a prominent feature of our face as it is beneficial in giving our face more definition and to look more vibrant. It is sort of important to embrace the natural shape of your eyebrows but at some point every women want her eyebrows perfect and for that a woman’s make play a vital role. Here is an easy method that could help you in getting beautiful and well shaped eyebrows every day and without any complication, you just have to follow the described steps carefully and it will be easier for you to look beautiful and flawless every day.




1. For perfect shape of your eyebrows, use a thin hair brush for perfect angling of the hair. Use the thin brush and hold the edge against the nostril and hold it straight up and down.

2. Now use white pencil to make a mark on the start of the eyebrows and one the rich and then at the corner of the both eyebrows.

3. Now take the thin brush and white pencil to draw a line according to the shape of the eyebrows. First draw a line on above portion of the eyebrow from the start point to the arch of the eyebrows.

4. Now use a thin brush to draw eyebrows and it should be of the same color of the eyebrows.

5. First of all draw the outline of the eyebrow and draw from the starting point that is from the bridge of the nose to the arch and then outline from the arch to the outer corner of the eyebrows.

6. After the outlining process on the above portion, do the same with the below part too.

7. And now you mat fill the portion with the shorter hair using the same cloud and the same brush, you must fill it carefully and keep it in mind that it should not go out of the shape.

8. Now use a clean mascara wand or eyebrow brush to straighten up all the hair of the eyebrows and you can use eyebrow gel to keep them in the same position for long period of time.

9. Now it is time to erase the white pencil and for this use q-tip to erase the marks of the white pencil do this on both the sides and then you are all done.

10. This is an easy way to do your eyebrows everyday without any complication and then you may look flaw less for the whole day.

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