Simple Home Remedies To Grow Your Nails!

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Every woman loves long nails as every polish and nail art looks sexy on them. Fake nails don’t do justice to them. Here are why and what makes them grow. Nails are composed of Keratin. Here are some reasons why nails don’t grow.

  • Lack of nutrition
  • Health issues
  • Hormonal changes
  • Certain medications

These issues can be overcome by natural remedy.


The anti-fungal and anti- bacterial properties helps in speeding the nail growth and improving the quality of nails by making them thick and smooth.

Rub garlic directly on nails or form a paste and apply foe few days for effected results


Vitamin E stimulates nail growth. Take out the Vitamin E powder from its capsule and mix it to the oil. Warm the mixture and dip your nails. Leave them overnight.


Night is the best time treat your nails. Apply some oil of your choice or vitamin E on nails and cover the nails with manicure gloves overnight for effective results

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