How To Shape Eyebrows Without Going To The Salon!

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Here is a very easy way to help you shape your brows without turning to salons. This tutorial will help you to attain perfection while shaping your brows on your own!

Learn how to do your eyebrows on your own in your comfortable den, home.

Step 1:

First step is to get to know the shape of your eyebrows, draw liner as a marker.










Mark the beginning of your eye brow with a pencil first.

Step 2:

Next in queue is to mark the arch.

Step 3:

Next is to mark the ending of your brow.

Step 4:

Connect the lines that you have created and outline your eyebrows. This will outline the shape of your brows.

Connect these lines to outline shape of your brows.

Step 5: 

The next step is to outline your set and tweeze your brows next. Apply gel on your brows and comb them before tweezing.

Brush your brows in order to catch any hair out of place.

Step 6:

Next step is to tweeze your hair in the direction of their growth, this follows in general. Suppose, your hair is pointing upwards, angle your hands in alignment with it.

Don’t ease, tweeze.

Step 7:

After tweezing stray hair, fill up your brows with a liner pencil. Do it gradient-ly, lighter in the beginning and darker in the end.

After tweezing, fill up your brows in gradient manner.

Step 8: 

After filling up your brows, brush your hair in order to spread and blend the color evenly in order to avoid Muppet brows!

Comb afterwards to even the color out.

And there, you are good to go! You have learnt how to shape your brows, that-a-gal.