12 Beauty Hacks You Never Knew You Could Do With A Spoon

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Every other things plays a different role to give you the perfect look. So does a spoon. Lets have a look at its benefits

  • The spoon create the best winged liner to give the idea of the shape

  • The curved edge of the spoon gives the perfect cat eye

  • Put 2 to 3 drops of alcohol on broken eyeshadows to get them as good as new

  • Take broken eye shadow and add gloss to it. Now you have a new shade lip gloss.

  • The spoon helps in guidingvthe hands to fill the brows

  • Keep the spoon in the freezer and then put it for a second of puffy eyes to get rid of it

  • Spoon can also be used as an eyelash curler

  • Run hot water on a spoon for a minute and then press the spoon on mosquito bite to get rid of itching

  • Cheeks contouring can be done using a spoon

  • Two nail paints can be mixed on a spoon to get a new shade and design

  • Shields can be made through the spoon so that mascara doesn’t smudge

  • Perfect winged eyeliner can be made with a spoon

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