Sleeping Less Can Make You Gain Weight

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Doesn’t it sounds amazing? Many people say that sleeping can cause you to gain weight, but we’ll prove you how sleeping less can cause you to gain weight.

Read below if you want to know the reasons.

1. Metabolism

Lack of sleep can slow down your metabolism to a very huge extent. This will cause lower calories to be burnt which in return will cause more fats to be accumulated.

2. Hunger

When you grab less sleep, it’ll cause hormonal imbalance in your body. It will make the body to crave for more food. Thus, causing weight gain.

3. Cortisol

This is also known as the stress hormone and it causes the body to gain weight. It gets released when you sleep lesser. One might try eating more to relieve oneself from stress.

4. More appetite

When someone has had less of sleep, he or she tends to crave for unhealthy junk food items. And we do know that junk food never did good to anyone.

5. Calories

No matter how healthy you eat, if you don’t sleep well, you’ll end up burning less calories and that call for obesity.

6. Late snack

If you’re unable to sleep, you would surely want to eat something. That’s why it is difficult to say no to that unhealthy snacks at those deadly hours in the night, especially when you are very hungry.

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