Strange Things A Guy Won’t Do To The Woman He Loves A Lot

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Sometimes people fall so much in love that it blinds them. Even if your man treats you bad, you keep giving yourself the consolation that he loves you. Well , ladies, you are taken at fault if he does anything to you that we are going to describe. If their is any of these habits in your guy, sorry to say but, you are in a toxic relationship. Stay hooked and keep reading.

1. He puts destructive habits before you

One of the most destructive habits is addiction. Whether he is addicted to smoking, alcohol or social media, his love for you will decrease for sure. Because addiction, especially addiction with materials affect the brain and the nervous system altering thoughts and perception.

2. He threatens you

Whether it be emotional, verbal or physical, he has no right to torture you. And above all, if he loves you , he won’t hurt you. Atleast not on a regular basis. It lowers your self- esteem and you feel disturbed too. But all over again, you think that he loves you. Seriously?

3. Pressurises you to do things

Yup. If he pressurises you to do things that you don’t want to or you don’t feel comfortable doing, then dear, you’re in a “leave him now” type of relationship. Ofcourse and why not? If he loves you, why in the world will he force you to do anything that doesn’t makes you happy.

4. Repeatedly fails to keep his word

It’s been said that it’s better to live in a tent and you must than to live in a mansion with a man you can’t trust. And it’s true. If he continuously lies to you, where is the trust dear? And if no trust, then what kinda relationship is this. Toxic, Super toxic!

5. He ignores or neglects you

A man who loves you knows your importance equally well and will always take out time for you. He will never ignore you or neglect you.

6. He speaks in a disrespectful way

If he is rude and disrespectful especially in your presence. It doesn’t honour you or anyone else. And if he speaks to you disrespectfully , then he has taken you for granted.

7. Shows interest in other woman

Despite claiming to be in love with you, if he shows interest in other woman, he’s not the man for any woman. Commitment comes with love. Its natural to feel attracted to opposite sex but the way one responds to it is another thing.

8. Acts like your needs are a burden or inconvenience in his life

We all need love , care and appreciation. And if these needs are a burden to him, just find a way to remove it. Pun intended.

9. He makes the focus about him

If he constantly demands your time and attention, and makes all the focus about himself, then he doesn’t love you. Anything that’s imbalanced, including relationships, is subject to disease. Relationships are a two-way street about each person sharing with each other.

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