The Perfect And Healthy Manner To Wash Your Hands!

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The importance of cleanliness can not be stressed more. Keeping your surroundings as well as yourselves clean is an important habit. We take shower everyday which helps us achieve this. But, hand wash between your daily chores is also one of the things we do. In order to get something off our hands we rinse it with water, but is there an efficient way to wash your hands which can make sure most of the dirt is off? The answer is yes! Here below are some of the proper steps which can be deployed to wash hands.

  • First step

Rinse your hands with water and apply soup on them!

  • Second Step

Rub your hands together in such a fashion so that soup is evenly spread across.

  • Third step

Similarly, Rub the backside of your hands.

  • Forth Step

In order to clean the gap, run between your fingers in such a fashion that they interlock.

  • Fifth Step

Backside of the fingers also are to be gently massaged, rub the tips of the fingers against each other.

  • Sixth Step

Rub thumb and end of the wrist likewise.

  • Seventh Step

Finally, wash off all the soup for about a minute and dry your hands with a towel.

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